Side Events

  • From $79

    Join us on Tuesday 5th September as we officially kick off a MASSIVE week of skiing, music, adventure and parties with our official welcome party at one of the most thrilling spots in the world and the birthplace of bungy – the AJ Hackett Bungy Kawarau Bridge.

    As the sun sets in gorgeous purple hues, sway to the beats and witness the trilling spectacle of your fellow Snow Machiners bungy jumping into the abyss below, while bouncing to beats by an electrifying lineup made up of NEIL FRANCES, Set Mo, Sin & Brook Gibson (George FM DJs).

    Keen? We are! Tickets are very limited and bungy spots even more, so hit that button and secure yours now!

  • From $230PP

    Come have an exclusive day at AJ Hackett’s infamous highest bungy location – only for our Snow Machine attendees!!

    On Sunday the 10th of September, finish your Snow Machine week in style by heading up to the Nevis Playground to jump, swing, or fly through to the evening.

    We have limited spots available with exclusive DJs on deck, and BBQ to cure you from the week of shenanigans that just took place.

    Check in is 20 minutes prior to the allotted times – and we have spectator seats available if you just want to cheer your friends on!!