Neil Frances

Making music can be a solitary endeavor, with long hours in the studio or hunched over a laptop leading down a rabbit-hole of endlessly tweaking beats and obsessing over the pitch of a counter-harmony. Sometimes a creative foil is necessary to see things with fresh eyes and help lead the music where it naturally wants to go. Indeed, after devoting years to their own projects, Marc Gilfry and Jordan Feller finally came together as Neil Frances in 2016 and realized they were never better than when they were working together. Neil Frances is also hard at work on more new music, building on the creative interplay that has already taken them to unexpected places. “Before Jordan hit me up, I was kind of wallowing trying to make tunes on my own. I couldn’t see my way out of what was good and what wasn’t,” says Gilfry. Adds Feller, “I was a producer first and musician/songwriter second, so I can often see when Marc’s head has exploded and then take that idea to the next step. The most fun stuff is when there are surprises and accidents. There’s a lot of benefit for both of us in that working relationship.”